Axial Plomberie Progaz – 04 22 58 04 29

Plumbing expert

  • Ten-year guarantee

Our team of qualified plumbers is available immediately in Cannes and its surroundings, to solve any type of plumbing work. Our know-how will accompany you for all your renovation projects and upgrading to standards.

Si vous avez besoin de l’intervention d’un plombier, just call this number.

Fast and reliable repair of emergency leaks or broken pipes.

If you cannot locate the problem, do not panic. Call on one of our qualified professionals.
We also offer a breakdown service without assistance contract which offers a fixed price for a repair of water leaks on pipes..

  • 37 Avenue du Mont Joli 06110 Le Cannet
  • Monday 08:30–16:30
  • Mardi 08:30–16:30
  • Wednesday 08:30–16:30
  • Thursday 08:30–16:30
  • Friday 08:30–16:30
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

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